Friday, 25 March 2011

Pineapple Doily Again!!

In between completing all UFO's to FO's, I started something new. I've mentioned many times that I love crocheting Doilies and this time I crocheted a very large one. In one of my previous posts, I mentioned my friend gave me some thread and it was quite big.So I decided to make bigger sized doilies with that. And this is the first one, my Blue Pineapple Doily!!Its 21 inches in diameter as its size 10 thread and I love the way its finished! The colour of thread is a very nice blue but,here in the pic I dint get the exact colour.

The pattern is quite simple and easy,crocheting was really fast except for the picots in the final round!.Outcome is quite beautiful..Love it!!I'vent decided to keep this for myself or to gift!!The pattern is here.

I started one more Pineapple Doily along with this, crocheting is done, need to block that now. Its a few inches larger than this one :)
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Wishing everyone a very happy weekend!
Take care

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Granny Cushion -2

As told in the last post, I made second granny square pillow cover. I tried this technique for the pillow in the last post. Then it took2-3 trials to get into the right size. So thought of trying out a bit differently this time.I sewed the Granny square to the front side first and then followed the usual method for envelope cushion. Result: Dint get the corners right!You can see in the pic that bottom corners are not good. This is the result after some trials! But overall it looks quite OK!!, doesn't it?
One thing I learnt is I need to get more practice on my sewing machine! Then all these problems will have a solution!
Till next time
Take care

Friday, 18 March 2011

Crochet Granny Cushion

Spring is in the air and I am getting into that mood.. This cushion shows that very well with all its pleasant colours..I started making this granny square long time back, added a few more rounds recently to make it into a cushion of 30x30 size. These days I am not starting anything new but trying to finish off some UFO's and I have so many! Took up my sewing machine after almost 4 months and no need to say that I struggled a lot! But somehow I managed to make it right for size..

This is also an envelope cushion cover, the back side is made with a blue floral printed fabric which suits well with the granny square..Not so much happy with the finishing,I could have done better, but the colours make me smile! I have one more granny square left and planning to make another pillow with it. Next time!!
Wishing you all a very happy weekend!
Take Care

Monday, 14 March 2011

Crochet Rounds

I am trying to decorate my home and add more colours around with things I make. As a start, I made these crochet rounds which are very quick finishes. Me myself made the colour choices and quite happy with it. These are about 71/2 inches diameter! Now these lovelies are hung on my kitchen wall until I change its position! No furniture or decorations hold a permanent position here!I rearrange everything upon my mood..
And that's a quick post!
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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

White Pineapple Doily!

Another Pineapple Doily! I love making Doilies and most of them are given away as gifts! I worked on this pattern last year . While crocheting, I realized thread wouldn't be enough to complete the whole Doily. I was working on Size 10 thread and I couldn't find that size thread anywhere here. So stopped working in middle and it was resting in my cupboard all this time. Last day, I took it out and blocked. And it looks good! I am keeping this for myself!
Pattern Link : Pineapple Doily
That's all for this post!Wishing all ladies a very Happy Women's Day!
Take Care

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Carnation Earrings

Hello all,
Long Time!!Hope everybody doing good!!I took a short break from my hobbies due to my poor health. Things are getting better now, but not absolutely fine,slowly getting back to the routine!
Last week, I got a mail from Nima whether I could test her earring pattern, I agreed without thinking too much, after all I love earrings,especially hook drop ones!!
I took my time to finish this up even though the pattern is quite easy!! I did not have ready made Earring hooks like the one Nima used. But I have one ear ring for which the hook can be removed,that is used here. This is the first time I am trying something with beads. I bought bronze coloured beads to embellish an embroidery which I planned. That's still in the plan and I don't think that will come to reality any time soon. Some of those beads are used for this pattern and it looks quite nice with the green thread, which is size 20 Anchor Crochet Cotton Thread.

I absolutely loved this one!!I showed this to a friend of mine and she also loved it!! I saw some more earring patterns in Ravlery and they are all very much tempting!
That's all on this post!! Thanks to all who send the get well soon messages and for the encouragement!Till next post
take care