Monday, 19 November 2012


Now that some of you might know about my absence here. Yes, the little princess arrived, our precious gift from God on 21.Sep.2012

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

something cute

yes, back to needle n thread with some  cute embroidery , hook and yarn has taken a back seat. And today I'll show the two cute animal patterns I did.I really enjoyed doing these and it came out really well.
Its stem stitch through out and satin stitch for the flowers. I loved stitching ducks and another ducky pattern is bookmarked for a pillowcase which I am going to start soon. 
Next comes bunny done in back stitch, I did the same pattern before and finished it into a cushion cover which was my very first sewing attempt. Almost same colours used there.
What you see is a large lump of tangled thread, leftovers from my early attempts. One fine day, I decided to clean it up, have good enough time for these things now, I thought better to utilise the time given. And after three days, its now in a more organised manner.
I am very happy when its done and used thread from this collection for the above embroidery. Have good collection of shades of almost all colours there,thanks to the all cross stitch I did so far. Now you wonder about my patience to do this right? yes ?? now I also wonder!!
Till next post
Take care

Monday, 11 June 2012

Embroidered Pillowcase-Blue Birds

Doily craze is almost over n' my crochet hook is free from Doilies/coasters. Now I want to spare some of my precious time for embroidery. I have mentioned here before that I love Vintage embroidery patterns, I just love its simplicity. This blue birds pattern was bookmarked long time back with intention to make a pillowcase. When I came home this year, the first crafty thing I did was this embroidery, as always procrastinated  finishing part. I was happy with the colours and everything about it. The matching pink fabric was also chosen by then. But yesterday only I could finish this pillowcase, it did not take much of my time too.  lazy lazy me!! Yesterday evening, I was in all good mood and made matching bed sheet also( no emb there), there was quite enough fabric. Its a great feeling to see the WIP's progressing to FO's. Check here for more embroidered pillowcases by me. They are all in same fashion.
 Find the pattern here: Blue Birds
I have bookmarked some more emb patterns( not everything for pillows), everything simple n' cute, don't know how far my plans work!
Till then
Take care
Happy Monday!!

Monday, 4 June 2012

C for Coaster

Some coasters which are going to be my handmade gifts for some dear friends, When it comes to pre-planned gifts,I get confused in the planning stage itself, changing my mind every other minute and finally make something which totally differ from what I planned first. Here these coasters were also not the plan, now I want to send these to them before I change my mind.I hope they like these little colourful things.
Orange is never my fav colour,usually I never take this as the main colour, but I love these coasters.Bright,beautiful and cheerful!!
Then I played with colours for these square coasters with green edge.
Two little coasters (or call them mini doilies) made with thread, I just love this colour. The pattern is from a book which I got recently. This year,I am lucky to get lots of crafty books as gifts. See what I got from my SIL.
So thats about the post, I don't know when I update here next. My crafty side is fully active, but not getting time for blogging.
Till next time
Take care

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Another set of Doilies

I love making doilies,I find it the easiest thing for me. Most of the doilies I made are given away as gifts, only three of them are with me now.  Let me show off some doilies I made recently. First one is the Spiral Doily with glass beads. I found the pattern super easy when I crocheted the Lavender one, and immediately threaded some beads on the white thread. The pattern progressed smoothly and I love the final look. Big enough, but you wont notice the beads unless told.
 I thought glass beads on white give a different n' classy look, but when I showed it to Mom and SIL they dint notice it at all and I had to tell them about the beads on the edge. 

Project Details:Pattern: Pinwheel Doily
Thread: Unbranded White Thread in size 20
Hook :  Steel hook 0.85mm
Finished size after blocking:12 inches

Next is a Pineapple Doily in pale pink.  The pattern is from a book by Leisure Arts which a friend gave it to me. I am glad that I have many generous friends.Thanks Vims for sending it to me.
Last is the Cutie Pie Doily, this time I crocheted it with Anchor Knitting Cotton, so its big in size than the usual ones. I enjoyed photographing each doilies, it was fun. After some gap, I took some effort in taking pictures and happy with the results.What do you think?
Till next time
Take care

Monday, 23 April 2012

Traditional Granny Square Cushion

Blue is my fav colour and I love combo of blue and green. These granny squares were crocheted just after Christmas, which was supposed to be gifts for Mom. But just couldn't find time after that  to sew it up to a cushion cover. These colours go well with the sofa set at home. My mother saw me sewing this, asked me for whom I am making this, I am in a gift making mode these days.I dint give a proper answer,so an element of surprise was there. 
And check what my dear friend Nima sent me on mail. There are some cross stitch pattern books,magazines, kits, fusible seam, rotary cutter blade. I was going all ooh-aah seeing the whole pack and turning the pages of books over and over. My little niece was with me and she was surprised seeing my excitement, later asked me some genuine doubts consists "what? why?" etc and then advised me what/where to start first.You all see more of cross stitch soon, I guess.
She sent me some yummy yarn as well, the variegated yarn are all cotton and others acrylic. I love its feel and soon will be used for some lovely finish. Last week, my Internet was out of order, otherwise I would have posted about this soon after receiving . She really knows how to pamper and sent me right gifts at the right time! Thanks Nima.
I am slowly finishing off my WIP's and almost all doilies I crocheted are blocked. All about that in the next post.Till then
Take Care, 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Happy to be back

:) its been a real long time, eh??missed me?? ha ha! The reason is I moved to my parents home late Jan(for a good reason) and was not into any crafts for sometime ,then as usual it took sometime to set up the things needed to connect to the big world of Internet. Anyway I am very happy to be back , slowly catching up with news from here.
I never thought resume blogging takes this much time, its one thing or another always wrong, and when everything gets ready,I may not be in the right mood! My crafts room/table is full of WIP's. I  keep switching from one thing to another, now I have a dozen of things half way.The only thing I managed to get it to the final finish are these two doilies,both are going to be given as gifts.
 The Pinwheel doily in lavender, its a very easy pattern and I crocheted it in a day's time, but to get it blocked it had to wait. I think I will crochet this pattern again and next time I make sure that I have threaded some beads.
Project Details:
Thread:Anchor Mercerised Cotton Size 20 in Lavender
Hook:Steel hook 0.85mm
Finished size after blocking:11.5 inches.

 Next comes the Summer Splendor Doily which is going to be a gift for a sweet friend of mine. I love this pattern and this is the my second doily in the same pattern,same colour. The thread is size 10 and is a gift from a friend.I have 1.5 balls left and you will see some more thread crochet in white soon.
Project Details:
Thread:Coeur Rouge Mercerised Cotton
Hook:Steel hook 0.85mm
Finished size after blocking:15inches.
 I have some more doilies waiting for blocking, sooo many granny squares crocheted up,a large glass painting with outline done, some embroidery as you see in the pic and moreover want to clean  and arrange my little craft room Mom allotted as long as I stay here, to keep my crafty things so that she doesnt see it all around the house, I make sure that its not scattered in other places but dump everything here and its a huge huge mess.
Thats all for the post and will be back soon, Thanks for all the concern everyone showed when I was away!
take care

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Crochet Vase Cover.

Remember this Vase cover? I wanted to try the same pattern in another colour soon after that post. That happened only by now. I chose the happy colour-yellow this time. The cover is too big for the glass pot  I have, the reason- I did tr's instead of all dc's given in the pattern. Not intentionally, but towards the end only I realised that. So I bought another pot-a mud one and the cover fits perfect now. This is going to be a gift for a  friend, being a 'crafter' , I am sure she will appreciate the work.
Project Details:
Pattern:  Pineapple Ruffles
Thread:Anchor Size 20 Cotton
Hook: 0.85mm

Its going to be very busy days from now onwards for sometime, I don't know when can I update this space next.When I get time,I shall come and say a "hello" for sure..
Till then
Take Care

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Reversible Table Runner

Sewing still is not my comfortable area though I love to do it. I want to concentrate more on it(at least this month), and today I sat in front of my machine. I had to push myself very hard for that. Started with this  reversible table runner  which was in my to-do list from last year after the tutorial was posted.A very easy one, I don't know why I did not give it a try all this time.
The only difference from the original tutorial is the contrast fabric in the middle.I thought it would give a different look other than the printed one/ maroon alone on both sides which would have been really boring.

One side of the runner, I love this blue printed fabric, but without a contrasting colour,it doesn't look good at all.The maroon fabric is from an old dupatta of mine which was in excellent condition, but very old for the current trend. I'vent worn it in last 6 years, so I decided to use it for my sewing lessons. And with this  blue fabric,its a good combo I feel.
The reverse side of the runner.I am very happy with the whole finish. The colours too,though it doesn't go well with the current decor at home, but this is a trial for some serious sewing in future. The tutorial is well explained and an easy one especially for a beginner like me. 

I have so many WIP's going on now, mostly crochet. Will post more about that in the next post. And check the Red granny pillows, which kept me busy during my vacation at home. This was made upon an order, soon I will be making more of it for myself.
Till Next time,
Take Care

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Welcome 2012

 Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!!
We are back in Bangalore after a long vacation back home. This time, it was peaceful one. Not too many family functions were there, but enough to have a show off! Christmas, we celebrated it in my brother's new house with the whole family , all of my cousins were there, no need to say how much  fun we had! New Year started as a peaceful one, I want this year to be like that too..  As usual I took some resolutions.Last year, many of them were broke in the initial days itself. Hope this year, I stick with them for sometime. Crafty side, 2011 was a good year for me, I am happy when I look back and tempted to make some collages of my finishes last year.
My granny lovelies, almost addicted making this, and I am still making many more. In 2012, I will be trying out many more in different colours, patterns.Yes, its time consuming, but I love it!!
The doilies I made in 2011, except for the Red Pinwheel and lavender two-tone doily,all others are given away.Majority went to my Mom and Sis-in law. So there's enough reason to make some more myself this year.
The embroidered pillowcases,which I am really happy about.. I love simple hand embroidery,hope to do some more this year.
Some more simple  finishes, which are not in any particular category, but  I am really proud of.  I will be making at least one more scarf this year. And of course snowflakes too. I plan to make two of them every month until December.
And the cross stitch which took almost half a year to finish, still not framed. Need to get it done soon.This year,no big cross stitch plans as of now.
I took some crafty resolutions this year too,many of them  carried over from last year's and the majority is for my home makeover. This year I am a little more determined..;) 
 I want to do more of sewing,want to learn ribbon embroidery,which is the new technique I want to try this year, I think I need a tutor for this, I tried learning it online last year, but its not registering into my brain. 
and  knitting too, I don't have a huge desire to learn knitting, it comes when I see a beautiful finish by others,but goes off  when I close the page.. LOL! but I hope I can learn it by myself. I have plans to do some glass paintings too. And list goes on..
So next post I show my first finish this year, I thank all who come and visit my space here.Wishing everyone a very happy 2012!
Take Care