Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Head bands Mania!

Hello dears,
Good Day everyone! Like I said in the previous post, this year I am totally addicted to hair accessories, all my creativity goes there mostly n' I am loving it. These cute lil things are so much fun to make and I love when my cute lil model wears(?) it too..

Seeing the headbands in stores, I always think I can make it better and cheaply , the problem of having a creative mind. But it took a while to start off and no stopping afterwards. I bought some lace kinda elastic after a lot of search and just attach my flower/bow to it.  

I love the fact I can do these with my baby and very satisfying that it wont take long time to finish.  Have a look at some of it. I post all the pictures on my facebook page.

This big bow is one among my favourite,  Two plain pieces are joined together with lil filling inside.I love the drama/cuteness when she wears it ...

Three small flowers and pink buttons, All the buttons I saved for all those years finally found some use. 

Three lil flowers in different colours, I am making these in different colours. Some for friends and some I'm selling too

The plain crochet bow!

Flowers of different colours.
Now I ve started playing with ribbons too.. so much fun!!will show all that n some more in my next post.
Till then 
Take care