Friday, 26 June 2015

Creative space!

Its been a very busy week here . I was all in vacation jolly lazy mood till last week and at times a little low. The sudden change from the busy schedule, I was almost clueless. I think I am back on routine , the week was awesome and I am making most use of time. The little madam got some friends and I am relieved! 
 I finished the crochet part on my coastal Lapghan, now after one week i still got no time to block it. I used blues  and cream on the edging and its pretty!

I have never given proper edging on my blankets , I never bothered much about it. Now I changed my outlook, a proper edging on the blanket makes it more beautiful and gives definition to the whole thing.

 And this week its busy with making flowers and thinking about new designs . This is the work in progress which is mostly pinks and purples. I love making it and enjoy the whole process.

I am reading another book, but again night reads. Happy that I restarted another hobby of mine which took backseat in last few years.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Happy Monday

We're slowly settling down , somehow without Internet n' TV  life's too boring especially when you are isolated from dear n near. Luckily weather is nice and we get to go out whenever we want. Oh! Thats a blessing!!  

And  I opened my craft bag. yayyy!! and see the mess I made. The sight of these make me happy. I am thinking of some new designs for the store. The thinking and planning part is very difficult, fun part comes later when we execute it. I hope i can come with something new soon. Lil one is at home full day and I get 2 hours myself when she sleeps.So my craft time is kind of very less when compared to what it was in India where she had lots of friends and school.

But I made good progress with the lapghan , one more round of all colours and I can start with edging. I thought i could finish crochet part by today, but in between bitten by another bug :Reading . Usually I am a slow reader and takes book only at bed time, but if something very interesting comes I can read it at one go. And I loved the new book I started ' The Help ' and I took all the free time I got for reading it. The movie based on this book is also a favourite of mine. This is the second book I completed reading this year. I started many and stopped when i lost interest in it. Life's too short to read not so interesting books!

Thats it for today.
Catch you all soon.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A new start

A new month, a new start. I ve been thinking of making an afghan /lapghan for long time. One in my big list of to-do's. When I was packing my bags, I packed these pretty colours of yarn with the intention of making one. 

I was doing an all round cleaning in the house in  March-April including my craft room,little did i know that there 's a travel coming and i really thanked God later.  I threw out a lot of trash and re arranged all cupboards. I gave away a giant bag of yarn to some friends coz of storage issues , yes I'm a hoarder. I normally work with cotton and thread for my business and I did not see myself using that much quantity of  acrylic yarn in another year but saved just these with the intention of a blanket inspired by the colours of coastal ripple blanket by Lucy. I do not have exact shades but that blanket is my inspiration.

There are 5 different shades of blue, off white,dark green,dark grey and dark cream. I chose cosy stripe pattern for this, I liked it and did not spend more time searching for more patterns and wasting more time. The progress is quite good in four days. I am loving the shades already. Blue is my most favourite colour, I like pinks , yellow and all jewel tones but if you ask me the favourite, its blue. Coming days I will open my craft bag so you can expect more crafty finishes from me.
See you soon and happy weekend!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

A much needed break!

Yes,I am on a break. break from the business I was doing from all the household chores and it was much needed.

A travel came as a shocking news and there was no rest for me after that until we board the flight. I was too busy with cleaning the house , packing and finishing up my orders And in 3 weeks we are in UK. I had to wind up my business for a few weeks but not closing it , have already made some plans.I am a strong believer in God and i believe everything happens for a reason and for our good only. 

We are not settled fully  and i am enjoying lazy time .. i really feel this break was really needed. There's some crochet happening but im not stretching myself. There are quite a lot of things we miss from our Bangalore life especially the 2-3 evening hours we spent  out with our neighbours and kids which was there in our daily routine for last 1.5 yrs. but I am not complaining or there's no point in complaining. 

Without some crafty updates my post wont be complete. There is this summer beanie cap  which I made last month and she wanted a pink flower, that was the only demand luckily! Finished this two days before our travel and she loves wearing it. And the weather here demands for a beanie too. 

And this is one project on my hook now, a ribbed scarf in shades of blue. This project was in my list for last 2 years. I am enjoying making handmades for family. 
Ok, thats all news here, I am back to blogging .
See you all soon
Take care