Sunday, 15 November 2015

DIY Christmas wreath

Hello everyone

Christmas is my favourite time of year , I have mentioned it many times. The atmosphere brings lots of joy and warmth! I think my little one also learning about it now. I love to do DIY decorations for every Christmas.This time I am not doing much ,I am so spoilt with choices in the stores here. But I have a planned a few easy things for this year and this is the first one.

 This is more of assembling a few things over a yarn wrapped styrofoam ring rather than making everything from scratch. All you need is some scrap yarn, styrofoam ring,a few ornaments  and a glue gun.
-Add a little glue at the back of ring and stick yarn there.
-Carefully wrap the yarn around the ring, this is where you spend time in the whole process.
-Cut the yarn when ring is fully covered and add a little glue at the end and keep it secure.
-With a glue gun carefully glue the ornaments onto the ring
I loved the wreath very much and totally glad that I made it. It looks very festive! This took less than 2 hours altogether in that around one hour was to wrap the yarn,
See you all later with my next finish.
Till then
take care

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